COUNTRY: Greenland

CITY: Nuuk
CORE SKILLS: Director, scriptwriter, d.o.p, editor, soundmixer, colorgrader 
PHONE: (+299) 58 58 33

EDUCATION: Film, TV- and media production in Medieskolerne in Viborg 2000 – 2004

WEBSITE: & Facebook

Malik was born and raised in Greenland. He has worked in as a technician in KNR since 2004, and went into films in 2009, when he started his company Tumit Production. Malik works primarily as a director and writer, and he made his directorial debut with his first movie Qaqqat Alanngui in 2011, which he wrote and directed. In 2014 Malik made his second feature film called Unnuap Taarnerpaaffiani which he wrote, directed, produced, edited, sound designed and colorgraded.

He also has a close collaboration with other talents in the industry:

Malik is fully proficient in English, Danish and Greenlandic, both written and spoken. And a little Dutch.


Nissit Angakkuaatillu (D.O.P. , co-writer)

Marc´ip isiginnaarasuartaataa 16 episodes (Producer, editor, photography, host)


Malik – Aliortugaasutit naluiuk? (Director)

Malik – Ilumooruma soqutaanngilaq (Director)

Simon Lynge – Cornerstone (D.O.P)

Malik – Isertorluta Marluugatta (Director)

Malik – Eqqumiik (Director)

Greenlandic feature films and documentaries:

Hinnarik Sinnattunilu (D.O.P. , co-writer )

Qaqqat Alanngui (Director, writer, editor)

Unnuap Taarnerpaaffiani (Director, writer, editor, producer)

Angut tarraqanngitsoq (director, writer) – work in progress


Ole Stenum – Dokumentar om den nye anstalt (translation & interview)

Sumè – The Sound of a Revolution (B-camera) 


Grønlandsbanken commercials (D.O.P)

Tele greenland commercials  (D.O.P)

Ikiu commercials (D.O.P. , director)


Innersuaq 2013 (The greenlandic film award)