COUNTRY: Greenland
CITY: Nuuk
CORE SKILLS: Creative producer, Director

PHONE: (+299)  559340
ADRESS: Qiajuk Production, P. O. Box 602, DK-3900 Nuuk, Greenland


Ruth Montgomery is owner of Qiajuk Production, an independent production company in Nuuk Greenland. Over the past 10 years, she has produced and co-produced shorts and documentaries and feature films for educational use, cinema and television. Qiajuk’s platform is about collaboration and exchange and has collaborated with production companies in Greenland, the Arctic, Europe and Scandinavia.

Ruth has produced and directed the documentary “Naapinneq –The Meeting” which was featured at several international film festivals and was the associate producer on the feature film Nuummioq from 2009. Now in production is “Dancing with Ice”, a visual documentary of movement, that tells the story of youth in Greenland, and their relationship to living in one of the world’s most northern localities

Qiajuk Production has produced and co- produced:

TV Productions: 

“Birth Day” – Sultan Sushi TV, Mechelen – Belgium. Director Lieve Blancquaert (2014)

“Nutaraqtaarniq Nunalingnirmiunut Alianaippuq – Birth, a joyous community event” (2009)

Feature Films and Documentaries:

“The Meeting /Naapinneq”. Producer & Director Ruth Montgomery-Andersen (2010) Featured at IBBF, SFBF and 60 North Film Festival

“Nuummioq”. Feature film. Associate Producer. Directors, Otto Rosing & Torben Bech.  (2009)

“Birth on Human Terms”. Producer. A documentary film on the changing role of families within the Greenlandic society. Director, Kristin Hauksdottír. (2003)

Educational Films:

“Ajortoq Toqqortaq Part I & II”. Producer (Part I) and Co-Producer (Part II). A documentary/teaching film for professionals that work with survivors of sexual abuse. Director, Kristin Hauksdottír. (2005 & 2013)