COUNTRY: Greenland
CITY: Sisimiut
CORE SKILLS: Creative producer, Location manager, Director

EMAIL: natuluk@gmail.com
PHONE: (+299) 534676
WEBSITE: www.nebula.gl

Pipaluk Lykke Løgstrup’s base is Nebula in Sisimiut. Nebula makes documentaries, books and events to give creative output to what Greenland is today.

Digital project ISI ØJE EYE (2014) showcased 40 photos from 40 individual amateur photographers, that depicted life in Greenland as seen through their eyes, on a website, in book form and as an exhibition.

Documentary NAVARANA (underway) about the soon forgotten art of dogsledding. We follow dogsledder Navarana who wish to keep this ancient culture alive, by passing it on to her son as her father passed it on to her. Will she succeed?

International event Arctic Nomads (2016). 12 dogsledders from all Inuit regions are gathered in Sisimiut to build a dogsled from their homeland.

Nebula organises art exhibitions at Taseralik, Sisimiut Cultural Centre.