COUNTRY: Greenland
CITY: Nuuk
CORE SKILLS: Producer, Line-producer, writer, translation, casting, fixer, locations, production management.
PHONE: (+299) 548785

WEBSITE: www.paninoir.glFacebook & LinkedIn

Nina was born and raised in Greenland. She has worked in the creative industry since 2010, primarily as a producer, where she has gained experience with productions in film, tv, photography and various cultural projects.

She has both local and international collaborators, and one of the most important tasks of PaniNoir is to remove challenges, as well as streamline productions in all aspects of the industry, and her vast network ensures she can always find the right person for the job.

As of January 2017, PaniNoir will expand her business with a new employee, and she also has close collaboration with other talents in the industry:

  • Maria Kreutzmann (research, administration, graphics and line production)
  • Malik Kleist (director and scriptwriter)
  • Qillannguaq Berthelsen (composer, actor and editing)
  • Ulannaq Ingemann (photography and technical advising)

Nina is fully proficient in English, Danish and Greenlandic, both written and spoken. 


Ice cold Gold (Fixer)

Arvingerne (Fixer)

Latifah I Grønland (Fixer)


Tina Dickow – Moon to let (Line producer, casting, locations)

Carpark North – Everything starts again (Line producer & casting)

Greenlandic feature films and documentaries:

Qaqqat Alanngui (Set manager)

Angut tarraqanngitsoq (Producer) – work in progress

De dødes fjord (Producer) – work in progress

Under Isen bag muren (Producer) – work in progress


The Norwegian Filmschool (fixer)

Ole Stenum – Dokumentar om den nye anstalt (translation & interview)


Per Olav Sørensen (Casting, location, fixer)

Misc greenlandic commercials – script, producing & director