DIRECTORS: Ross Cairns
STARS: Xavier De La Rue, Gallows, Tom Lowe
MUSIC COMPOSED BY: James Edward Barker
MAIN LOCATIONS IN GREENLAND: Kangaamiut, Evighedsfjorden

Lives of the Artists is a feautre-length documentary that tells the stories of a group of young men who pursue their passions without compromise, and in so doing, demonstrate their Artistry.

First there is Frenchman Xavier De Le Rue, one of the world’s top snowboarders and the World Freeride Champion for the last two years, who visits Kangaamiut in West Greenland. His passion lies fundamentally in the purity of backcountry riding, the search for the perfect line. By venturing into remote, dangerous and often untouched places, he is able to tune into the mountains without the distractions of competition and its attendant circus to test himself and push both his own limits and what others believe is possible on a snowboard.

The film also follows two big-wave surfers — Englishman Tom Lowe and Irishman Fergal Smith — and their friend — photographer Mickey Smith — to the South Pacific where, on the reef that touches the southern tip of Tahiti, breaks what is arguably the world’s most ‘perfect’ heavy wave. Known as Teahupoo, which translates as ‘wall of skulls’, it’s a killer in paradise. Teahupoo is a point of pilgrimage for the world’s best and most courageous surfers.

Finally, Lives of the Artists hits the road with UK hardcore punk band Gallows as they tour the USA on the Warped tour. On a soul-sapping and tortuous trek from city to city, playing on a tour where 90% of the bill represents the most commercial and soulless aspects of commercialism — ‘punk for little girls’ — Gallows stand out like a very sore and angry thumb by delivering impossibly intense performances to audiences that just aren’t prepared for the onslaught.