Arctic – Life in the Deep Freeze – Episode 3 of 8

INITIAL RELEASE:        2011
MUSIC COMPOSED BY:     Nitin Sawhney
LOCATIONS IN GRL.:    Qaanaaq, Uummannaq, Ilulissat
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Brian Leith, Dale Templar
PRODUCERS: Nicolas Brown, Mark Flowers, Tom-Hugh Jones, Tuppence Stone
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Pete Haynes, Matt Norman, Toby Strong, Robin Cox,
RUNNING TIME: 50 minutes

The Arctic is the harshest environment on Earth – little food grows, it’s dark for months on end and temperatures stay well below freezing for much of the year. Yet four million people manage to survive here. This film tells the remarkable stories of extraordinary people who make their homes in nature’s deep freeze.

In springtime, Amos and Karl-Frederik set out across the sea ice with their dogs to catch a real-life sea monster – a Greenland shark. Inuit mussel-gatherers venture underneath the sea ice at low tide for a perilous race against time as they gather their food.